With a passion to create solutions and a mindset to solve problems, design has enabled me to blend empathy and value. Design, to me, is an iterative and thoughtful process to create and deliver value. This is what I bring - design mixed with strategy to create valuable product and service solutions, and provide strategic advantage in business operations.

I am passionate about applying design to bring a change in the world, and enable people to be and do better. On a personal level, I am passionate about learning new things and applying the knowledge to solve problems. Being curious and explorative, through various projects I have built my skills to deliver value by focusing on the people, the processes and the value to be gained. Philosophy, reading, sketching and photography are my other interests.

I am excited about the possibilities of integrating design with technology and businesses to create whole new experiences. The unknown excites me and I love exploring new things. People inspire me to deliver better solutions, while yoga and nature inspire me to be better.

mukundkulur mukund muku. Mukund Kulur

Mukund Kulur

MSc. International Design Business Management

Diploma in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

Mechanical Engineering